Stars I cannot see ; take me galaxy.
23 10月, 2011 @ 3:13

This love 이젠 잊혀버린 시간속에 묻혀져 버린
기억속의 흔적조차 왜이리 가슴 아픈지
This love 너무나도 여린 사랑이라 하기엔 어린
그 추억도 기억도 다 멀리멀리 날아가 저 구름 뒤로

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22 10月, 2011 @ 2:00

Tenías razón, sabon~
"No te des por vencido ni aún vencido; no te des por esclavo ni aún esclavo."

I feel that
13 10月, 2011 @ 0:03

네 눈빛과 네 웃음과 네 손짓들이 아직 날 괴롭히고 
난 아무것도 아무생각도 어떤 다른일 도 못하게 만들고 
아무리 둘러봐도 어디에도 넌 
없는데 자꾸 니 목소리만 들려 
너의 모든 흔적을 지우고 지워도 
날이 갈수록 니가 더 느껴져.
 나 아무 말도 없지만 들을 수 없지만
이렇게라도 널 찾을 수 있다면 널
기다려 지금 시간이 멈출 때까지.

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Spoiler Alert
07 10月, 2011 @ 20:35

Sólo me pregunto si te habrá ganado por cansancio o si por quererla a ella me dejaste así. 
But yeah... no regrets. Si no te da la cabeza como para darte cuenta que la pendeja esa es una idiota, vos tenés que ser igual. No queda otra.

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En otras noticias, mi mamá me cuenta que conoce a mi ex (aunque no sabe que es mi ex...).
Qué loca que es la vida.

She Said "I'm Starting To Lose It"
04 9月, 2011 @ 2:34

Shoot me into sleep, your beauty is so close to me.

And even better still, warm nights and the chill
Creeping down my bones, reminds me I'm alone
My sweet midnight surprise, staple down my eyes
Stars I cannot see, take me galaxy.

Deeper in the zone, 2-player combo mode
Creeping down my bones, reminds me I'm alone
My sweet midnight surprise, staple down my eyes
Stars I cannot see, take me galaxy.

E j a c q u a n t u m b r e e z e ! Even in the sea
Replace all meaning - "I-spy".

Fuck, I think she just saw me, stop hiding in the sea
Shit, my midnight surprise has found out all my lines
Crunch time, night time, palm luxuries which I mistake for life
Don't talk to me, stay away unless you want me near you.

I'm waiting in silence and cloaking my violence
You, almost encourage my happiness, but I know best
Wake up, smell the semen, this will never happen for you
Evil waits inside your home and shakes you through and through.

Oh, wake up princess.

I guess, deep down, my heart is not as pure as it was
And my food is ruined, the freezer doorway to above
I'll fire in the sun, I'm dying just for fun.

And what is left of this?
My fare is calling down for you all to go away, forget the fall exists
I'll fire in the sun, I'm dying, just for fun.

As I lay in bed, wrapped in cold sweat, just take me now.

Shoot me into sleep... 

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20 8月, 2011 @ 1:55

F*ck, it's been so long but I know I'll never get over you.
And now you ended up with that fake biatch
while I've been left with a broken heart a million times...
I should have never broken yours, baby.
Our story would've been just like Ted & Robin's but well...
You'll always be my Robin anyway.
P.S: The Universe sucks.

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15 8月, 2011 @ 15:00

No tengo idea por qué soñé con ella ni por qué no me quería despertar...
Recordarte siempre es lindo, pero no quería empezar la semana así.

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